Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earthworms, Turtles and Lizards Oh My.....

Earthworm explorations.  We learned how they help the Earth.

Turtles, oh my!
Did you know they never change their shell? 

Worms...only a few were brave enought to  touch..:)  You see who that was!

Touching turtles was a different story, we learned that they carry many diseases.
Earthworms make tunnels in the Earth..we did this with chocolate pudding.. messy but fun!

Did you know that turtles eat earthworms, berries and other small bugs they can find on the ground?

Finger fun....
 Making the earthworms do.


After observing the Eastern Box Turtles, we decided they would be much happier in their own habitat, theperfect habitat that God created for them, so we let them go.